Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 430

Let me tell you about Brenda.

Brenda works at Joann's fabric store. (Can you imagine working at a fabric store? It'd be like living at a buffet!) Sometimes people bring in pieces of fabric or some sewing they've done to match colors. Sometimes people leave those pieces of fabric behind. If the person doesn't return in a couple weeks, the fabric gets tossed.

But Brenda decided not to toss some fabric strips that were left behind. She decided to send them my way instead. Send them to me so I could use them in a quilt.

But here's the thing...Brenda lives in Alaska. And I've never met her. She's a reader of the blog, a viewer of my pictures. She doesn't know me from Jane Doe, but she was generous enough to send them my way. (Actually, she and everyone else who reads my musings probably do know me from Jane Doe. It's not like I hide much on here.)

So thank you, Brenda. Thanks for thinking of me, but more importantly, thank you for thinking of the child who will receive these strips in one of their quilts. Maybe in a border?