Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 336 of 365

I'm going into hiding. I'm dropping off the map.

The huge project I've been working on at work ended today. The preliminary report from the State Reviewers who were on site today was quite complimentary. Now it's time for me to breathe. To rest. To cut back on these 10 hour work days. I'm taking five days off to start anew.

What better way to make a clean break and come away with a clear head but to disconnect from everything. They'll be no working on school stuff from home, no going into work this weekend, no looking at the Blackberry. (Don't worry, the blog will continue.)

Five days of no driving. Five days of no dress pants and no makeup. Five days of nothing but becoming reacquainted with my cleaning supplies (my long days have left my house lonely and devoid of shiny surfaces).

It goes without saying that the bulk of my time over the next five days will be spent working on kids' quilts for the Quilts for Kids organization. I have a couple of quilt tops in progress, and today I finished up a quilt top from the blocks I made on Day 329.

I'm not happy with the dark outside border and was thinking I'd make the border a bit narrower and add an additional white border. I took a picture of it, hoping to get affirmation that my idea was a good one. After picking up my husband from school, using the car for the last time until Tuesday, I was going to post the picture.

But that picture isn't winding up here today. For when we came home and pulled into the driveway, I noticed the front screen door ajar. We usually use the side door that leads to our carport so it was quite by accident I noticed the door.

There was a package in the door. A package from Paula. Paula O. is a reader of this blog and frequently comments. The other day she told me about some extra fabric she had and offered to send it my way. Free. No charge. She wouldn't even accept my offer of postage. It felt like Christmas as I was going through the box of gorgeous fabrics and threads. Of course my mind started racing with the possibilities.

I am so blessed to have caring folks reading along as I wander through my days. 

Paula, thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity, and boy - am I ever glad I have five days to work on quilts!