Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 348 of 365

Granted it's only Monday, but I didn't get too far on the list I made yesterday.

No coupons clipped, no grocery store run. No quilts quilted.

What did I do? I went to work. I finished the cookies and delivered them to school and to the school district office. I also delivered a batch to the place I lived for a year and a half, a place I really don't miss too much. Physical therapy.

I made dentist appointments. I called the roofer to get on their schedule. (We've been holding out because of the cost, but it needs to be done. Since the lawn is still brown from winter hubby won't be so picky about people and things tracking on the lawn right now.)

 I added something new to my list, too. Curtains and/or blinds up in the den. Months and months of that sunshine coming in over the computer all afternoon and evening has left me tired of squinting and tired of wearing a baseball cap while I'm typing the blog. It's time to get it taken care of. With our tall, limber daughter coming home this week I've picked a good time to tackle that project.

I'm risking missing some pictures by covering up the window, though. Looking out that window over the computer screen I've snapped pictures of a goldfinch on Day 81, the kissing goldfinches on Day 83, a squirrel on Day 89, birds on the telephone pole on Day 268. Evening sunsets on Day 259 an Day 332, sunrise reflecting off the Owyhees on  Day 263, and the early morning moon on Day 344.

And a wayward pigeon(?) up in the tree.