Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 359 of 365

Things are getting wrapped up.
  • The curtains are up in the den. No more complaining about the sun in my eyes.
  • A new roof is on. No more putting off calling for estimates, no more complaining from the cat about the noise.
  • I'm starting on the re-do of my sewing room.
  • We've started shampooing our carpets. No more dirty socks.
  • I'll be filming my last tutorial here in the next couple days. Unless I come up with some brilliant ideas, the tutorials are taking a break.
  • I'm into my last week of the 365 picture-a-day project. The plans are coming together for what the next 365 days will hold.
  • The last batch of kids' quilts (at least for a couple weeks) are heading out the door.
  • A new roof and facia and soffit are on the shed. No more woodpecker issues or blackbirds nesting issues. But now it looks like I need to paint over my old artwork to make it really look sharp.