Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 339 of 365

Sunrise was at 8:01 this morning and not long after I was in my sewing room. Have I mentioned how much I love the sun streaming through the window in there?

With another beautiful sunny day, I couldn't resist spending the day sewing in the sunshine. Plus, I had a good reason to keep working on quilts for charity. After all, today was the community's auction and my husband was heading out at 10. Sitting in a metal folding chair for any length of time could set me back a few days so I rarely go. But finally my husband would leave the house and I would get my alone hiding-from-the-world time I had been so anxious to have. He would be gone all day and would deliver me the news about how much the quilt I made on Day 322 went for. The quilt he guilted me into making. He would come home and I'd feel good about the time I spent on it and the money my contribution raised.

No such luck.

Hubby is now past the 72 hour mark of not wearing anything but the same pair pajamas. Three full days of moping around and watching television non stop. Three full days of I don't know what.

So no news on the quilt I worked so hard on. The quilt I made sure was the kind of quality that would make him look good. Maybe it's for the best. If it only raised $25 I don't want to know about it. I don't need anything making me feel any more incompetent about anything in my life than I already do.

I do feel somewhat competent doing kids' quilts. I finished what I'm now calling Rainbow Bright.