Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 358 of 365

Kitty is mad.

We made her sleep outside last night.  But she's not mad about that. We didn't give her any treats this morning. But she's not mad about that. I finally put curtains up in the den and she can't jump in the window anymore. But she's not mad about that. She lost the ponytail holder she plays with in hubby's pjs that he left on the floor. But she's not mad about that.

She's mad about the roof.

Since she stayed outside last night she was looking forward to a nice long doze in the house today. That little cat nap lasted all of two hours for her because right on the dot at 9 AM, the noise began. The footsteps turned into scraping and ripping. Then it was rolling. Then it was hammering. And she was scared.

The roofers came to replace our roof today. They tore off the old shingles, put on new paper, and re-shingled half the house so far.

Poor kitty couldn't stand it. She slinked into my sewing room and climbed as far back under the table as she could get. Behind the plastic containers, behind the polyester fiberfill, back to where no one could get to her. Even that didn't offer enough protection. She slinked out and away, down to hide somewhere in the basement. She didn't return until after they were gone for the day.

And she has been mad ever since. (I don't dare tell her they'll be back tomorrow.) Even without knowing that, tonight she'd rather glare at us instead of eat.