Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make Fabric Covered Decorative Clipboards - Day 251 of 365, Tutorial Tuesday

Decorative Fabric Covered Clipboards Made with Mod Podge Craft Project

I always thought PE teachers were the only ones who used clipboards. At least that's what my memory was from my school days.

But it's not true. Classroom teachers use them, too. Elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers. We take attendance, write notes, make checklists. Even in my last position out of the classroom I carried a clipboard with me everywhere.

It started out as an ugly clipboard. A brown, pressed board, ugly clipboard. I even had one for my hubby, the high school teacher. Brown, ugly clipboards didn't work for either of us, so I covered them in contact paper. And boy, have they lasted. Year after year after year. I think going on 10 or so by now.

Yet I just recently came up with an even more attractive type of clipboard. One that uses Mod Podge and my favorite thing of all. Fabric.

I have fond memories of Mod Podge. I remember as a kid taking a piece of styrofoam, a decorative napkin, some Mod Podge, and some glitter (maybe?) to make something you hang on the wall. I remember the distinct smell of the Mod Podge. Almost reminds me of that white paste we used in second grade.

I got to use that memory-inducing Mod Podge, fabric, and another one of those ugly clipboards for this week's tutorial. My husband happened to see my materials sitting out before filming and decided he wanted one of his own. His fabric came from Day 133 and mine came from a giveaway at thevintagebicycle blog.

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New clipboards for us both! You can find the step-by-step how to video for making this decorative clipboard with fabric and Mod Podge right here: