Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 254 of 365

They're done. Done, like finished. Like no backlog anymore.

The Quilts for Kids project - four quilts. The Operation Kid Comfort - four quilts and a pillow.

I don't know how I got myself in over my head so much, but it's time to crawl out from under the quilting for others craze. Yet, I still have a couple quilts to work on.

My husband has requested a quilt for Christmas. He's a huge baseball fan. He's a basketball and football fan, too, but baseball wins out.

When he was a kid he was a bat boy for the day for the California Angels. He still has the black and white picture hanging up from so many years back. For someone who was handicapped with cerebral palsy, he felt pretty special.

Now he wants to feel special with some fabric I used for one of the kids quilts. One of them had baseball fabric and when my husband saw that, he knew exactly what he wanted. A baseball quilt.

So a baseball quilt it will be. A Christmas gift for my hubby. I've made quilts for dozens of kids, so might as well add him to the list!

Now that the last one for Operation Kid Comfort is done, he'll be up to bat next.