Friday, November 23, 2018

Back to Fort Lauderdale

While we've had a few weeks of new, pushing-the-limit, getting-out-of-our-comfort zone adventures, today the newness ended. We made the drive from Key West to Fort Lauderdale today and quickly settled back into our normal routine. Stopped at Publix to buy our usual Kit Kats for crew members. Checked into a hotel we've stayed in before. And tomorrow we will be walking to a pier we've walked to before.

To board a ship we've been on before.
To sail to several ports we've visited before.
Where we'll eat at restaurants we've eaten at before.

Getting into a comforting, usual routine couldn't come at a better time. While I love road trips and new activities and adventures, hubby is about done with new discoveries. He's ready for an easy, predictable, relaxing, and comfortable routine.

That comfortable routine will begin tomorrow morning with the Royal Princess docked right behind this bridge.