Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday is for Trying

"You gotta get up and try, and try, and try” ~ P!nk

8 a.m. came and went. 9 a.m. came and went. It wasn't until 10 a.m came along did I think I could try. Try to get out of bed. The back is still icky but I knew if I wanted to change my day into a Thrifty Thursday I had to get out of bed. And even try to get dressed.

I had an eBay package to mail.
I received $12.27 in my Paypal account.
I spent $3.12 on shipping.
I figure I'll own $1.30 in fees.
Earned $7.85

The heating pad I ordered online came today. It was only $6.05 and I had a gift card to use on it.
Spent $0

I had $15 in coupons for Staples that were getting ready to expire. Finally by noon I was able to pull on the sweats and head out the door. Took hubby with me, which means lunch has to be included.

A coupon had us sharing a super-cheap lunch. Even beat last Friday's lunch price.
Spent $4.24
Then one package of paper towels on sale for $8.
Bubble wrap on sale for buy two get one free. $11.98 for three rolls.
$15 in coupons
$.30 in tax
Spent $5.28.

Earned $7.85 on eBay
Spent $0 on heating pad
Spent $4.24 on lunch
Spent $5.28 on paper towels and bubble wrap.

At the end of the day I had only spent $1.67 for all this and lunch to boot. Thank goodness I made it out of bed and made today a thrifty one.