Saturday, January 13, 2018

Is a Cruise Right for You?

It's Cruise Ship Saturday! Today we have some questions to help you decide if a cruise is right for you.

"You can find tranquility, you can find party, you can find new friends. I'm a cruise convert." ~ Guy Fieri

Still working on the revisions for the new edition of Cruising with Confidence.
An excerpt from Chapter 1:
Several words may come to mind when thinking about a cruise: 
Fun...Adventurous...Confining...Formal...Exhilarating...Scary...Complicated...Fancy... Relaxing...Busy...Confusing...Rich...Expensive...Crowded...Intimidating...Titanic 
When discussing whether or not to take my first cruise the words with negative connotations dominated conversations. After years of cruising I now lean toward the positive sounding words. I can even say “Titanic” out loud, while on a ship, and not be afraid of jinxing things! I’ve moved from a nervous to an excited to a confident cruiser.
In deciding if a cruise is right for you, the elementary teacher in me would like to ask some questions: 
Does your dream day consist of hanging out by a pool and working on a tan?
Are you a dancer, a reader, a trivia lover, or a movie buff?
Do you enjoy trying new foods? Prefer eating the same thing every day?
Do you like conversing with other folks from different places? Long for alone time?
Are you the type who likes being on the go?
Would never having to make a bed, cook a meal, or wash a dish work for you?
Do you like dressing up in fancy clothes or rather wear shorts and t-shirts all day?
Are you looking to reconnect with family or friends?
Does the idea of traveling to a foreign country excite you?
Do you like the idea of getting a good value for your money? 
Answering yes to just one question could mean a cruise vacation is right for you.
Saying yes to cruising is also saying yes to beautiful sunsets at sea.