Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Tuesday Challenge

“People who are frugal understand the value of a dollar and make informed and thoughtful decisions. People who are cheap try to spend as little money as possible.” 
~ Frank Sonnenberg

Hubby and I leave the house once a week to go out to lunch. Two weeks ago our lunch cost $5.30. Last week we paid $4.24. It was that day we made some trips with coupons and wound up with a day costing us an entire $1.67. So I challenged myself to do even better today.

I had to return some slippers we ordered that were the wrong size. They didn't have the right size so $11.91 was refunded in cash. Then off to Bath and Body Works to use my coupon for a free Wallflower plug in. Found a pocket size antibacterial hand cleaner for 44 cents on clearance. (47 cents with tax.) Then we went to Staples to use some new coupons. (I don't know why they keep emailing me coupons every week but I'm good with it!) The big can of coffee came out to $1.05. The 5 reams of paper will be $2.50 after rebate. And our shared lunch today? $3.70!

Today's totals:
We received $11.91 in cash from the slippers.
-47 cents at Bath & Body Works.
-$1.05 at Staples.
-$2.50 at Staples (after Easy Rebate)
-$3.70 on lunch

Today's total = Still $4.19 left from the refund. Woo hoo, we have money left!
Geez, I'm cheap.