Monday, January 8, 2018

3 - 1/8 = 2 7/8

"When I'm on a break from writing, I'll log on to Amazon and eBay. The doorbell is constantly being rung by deliverymen." ~ Sophie Kinsella

Not so much for me anymore. I did go through a spell where I was buying boxes of fabric off eBay like crazy. I used to have stacks of boxes coming in and then when I got motivated to make some money had stacks of boxes going out. Thanks to my woodworking skills, I finally made myself an eBay shelf in the closet to hold those listed items.

Although I might be exaggerating my woodworking capabilities just a bit. I took one of our remaining three bookshelves and cut a section off the bottom. Now it fits nicely in the closet. And I get to brag I am down from those large 15 bookshelves to 2 7/8 bookshelves.