Monday, July 7, 2014


I'm torn about today's picture. Do I put up the ├╝ber-cool X-ray taken at the doctor's office today? The new knee joint, the rebuilt kneecap, the awesome looking staples holding the incision together?

Or do I put a picture of an empty porch? The same porch I took a picture of yesterday, only this time minus the cat? Ms. Too-Big-For-Her-Britches Country Cat-turned-City Cat decided to wander a little too far this morning. How far? We're not quite sure, but it must have been a ways because she has yet to wander back home. And she had been so good about sticking close by the Boise place! I'm still holding out hope that she'll return so I'll wait on the empty porch picture.

So let's go with something more interesting.