Friday, July 25, 2014

Flora, Fauna, and Food


Flowers they use to make leis. 

Lily pad flower unopened and opened. 

Eel. Ick. 

Some orange-beaked bird. And another bird and another. 

Huge koi and a monster koi. 

Coffee plant with a close up picture, too. 

The flakiest, tenderest, tastiest fish and chips I've ever had. (We've had a lot so we should know.)

Rib eye, hamakua mushrooms, mahimahi, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, baby chard. A huge portion - this is only half the order. Hubby had the other half. And I didn't finish mine.

Ice team with lemon? Nope, they served it with pineapple.

Pupu platter. Kilauea BBQ wings, kalua pork quesadilla, Maui wowie onon rings.