Monday, July 14, 2014

How to be a Warrior

While I might not be the best person giving out advice on how to be a warrior I can speak to being a part time warrior. I'm only two weeks out from major surgery (did I say major?), I'm so very much ahead of where I was when I had the last knee done, I'm feeling much more confident and strong, but I can't seem to maintain my warrior behavior for a full day. Part time warrior it is.

Ditched the walker, onto the cane. Warrior!

At physical therapy I did 15 minutes on the treadmill. Warrior!

Another 9 minutes on the bike. Warrior!

An additional 35 minutes working on the balance board, doing calf work, and lifting weights. Warrior!

20 more minutes hooked up to the electrical stimulation machine with ice on my knee. Sweating like crazy, hair dripping, trying to catch my breath. Not so warrior-ish.

Headed right to the doctor. Sat in the waiting room and tried to keep myself from throwing up. (You ever work out so hard you throw up? Yeah, I had that going. Non-warrior-ish.) But I didn't puke. Warrior!

Watched as they took out each one of my staples. They have this little tool that reaches under the staple, puts pressure on the top of the staple and bends it, which then helps it pop out from the skin. Warrior!

Took pictures for you. Warrior!

Went back to the Boise place, let the kitty out for some outside visitation. (No more unsupervised visitation for her.) Took a pain pill. (Non-warrior.) Walked into the backyard with no cane. Warrior!

In my pajamas, tucked into bed by 1:00 in the afternoon, napping for a few hours. Kitty and I are both done being warriors for the day.  

And can you be a warrior? All you have to do is look at these next pictures, pretend you were there with me, and you can call yourself a warrior, too!