Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Temporary Life

Strawberry Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder for breakfast. Either an apple or banana with peanut butter for snack. Plain tuna fish with five Ritz crackers for lunch. Whatever I can get for dinner. Depending on the day it could be beef jerky, a taco, or a piece of birthday steak. Water. Crystal Light. Lots of physical therapy. Treadmill, bike, balance board work, calf work, leg raises, weights, wall squats. Pain pills thrown in here and there. Sleep, no sleep. From the bed to the office chair to the camp chair outside. Supervise the cat's outside visitation. Don't supervise the cat's visitation.

She's doing quite a nice job of being outside by herself and sticking close. Thank goodness because closed doors sure aren't her favorite thing. Just check out her work when the bedroom door is closed.
And yep, it's all temporary. Things are about to get interesting.