Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 939

Two mysteries. The first one is for you to solve.

Fill in the blanks.
When my daughter and I walked out of the ______ ______ she said, "A mom should never have more ______ than her 25 year old daughter."

More to reveal on that one later.

Second mystery. When I came home from Boise I had a box sitting in my sewing room. I knew I hadn't ordered anything so was curious about where it came from.

Las Vegas.

From Marie, a reader of this blog. A very, very generous reader who sent me a full box of Christmas fabric for the Stockings for Soldiers project. Did I say she was very generous? Well, she also included a sweet note. And money. Money to help buy more fabric or help with shipping. My heart couldn't be any fuller right now.

Marie, thank you for believing in this project - and in me. Hancock Fabrics has felt on sale and your funds will get a BUNCH of stockings cuffed. Fabric for stockings and felt for their cuffs. What more can a person ask for?