Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 915

So I guess I didn't think this Facebook thing through all the way. I've made sure not to have ads (with the exception of my book) on the blog. If Facebook means I have to have ads on it I may need to pass on it. A question for those with Facebook experience- is there a way to block them?

Speaking of advertising...did you notice a new book cover up at the top right of this page? The Living Life One Picture at a Time book? The plan is to use the first 365 days of the blog and turn it into a book. A book about surviving, inspiring, service to others. I'm not quite sure what the marketing slant will be, but it'll reflect what happened to me when I started taking a picture every day. I'm hoping to get the Kindle version up in the next month as soon as I get the tedious job of editing it out of the way.

And speaking of tedious...can you imagine how tedious grocery shop would be with these kinds of shoes on? I never take pictures of strangers but these shoes in the grocery store made an impression on me. Impressed on me to never own shoes like these. (Apologies to anyone who does.)