Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 926

I don't even have the kids' quilts in the mail yet and I'm already starting on the next project.

Last year I used up every piece of Christmas fabric I had and sent in over 200 Christmas stockings to the Stockings for Soldiers organization. (That's the group that sends stockings and goodies to soldiers in the remotest regions of Afghanistan.) This year I'm planning on surpassing it on nothing but donated fabrics. Hubby started collecting from the staff at his school (that's today's picture). Next week I'll be getting donated fabric from the staff at my school. My deadline is mid-October so I have to get moving on this.

Anyone out there want to join in and be part of an especially special project? As long as I have fabric, I'll keep a-sewing! Can you imagine if we had 400 Christmas stockings headed to the Stockings for Soldiers organization this year, all thanks to everyone's generosity? I would love to have you be part of this.

Who's in?