Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 577

The way I see it, I saved $75 today.

Today was the quilt show in Boise, the same one I went to with my daughter back on Day 115. Daughter couldn't go this time around, but I talked hubby into it since he's getting along pretty good with the cane. Except I changed my mind at four o'clock this morning. There in bed, not able to get back to sleep, I started thinking.

$13 for gas.
$12 for admission.
$25 in fabric and/or patterns and/or whatever. (Who can go to a quilt show and not buy something?)
$25 for lunch. (Hubby is limited on what he can eat so when we go out he has to be picky. Which sometimes means expensive, but since he doesn't get to do it too often I let it slide.)

Right now with hubby on sick leave and not knowing what the future holds, me working part time when I can, and the medical bills we just paid off, I figured I had better ways to spend $75. And a quilt show wasn't it.

So no pictures of quilts or fabric or purchases. Thank goodness I spied a butterfly out the window, glowing in the afternoon sun.