Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 554

Whether it has to do with Christmas stockings or hubby's kidney issues, everything is a numbers game.

Hubby still has a full time babysitter. Our daughter covers Tuesdays so I can go to work and I cover the rest of the days. 24/7. Nonstop. Where he goes, I go. Where I go, he goes. If I need to go to the store he comes along and sits in the chairs by the deli, or the bench by the bathrooms, or in the car, or sometimes he walks part of the way with me. 22 days of it.

But today's number game for him was a little more promising. He had a visit to the nephrologist (kidney specialist). On Day 506 his kidneys were operating at 20% of normal. Thanks to his extensive hospital stay and the right course of medications his kidneys are up to 50%. Only when they begin pulling back on some of his medications (which won't happen for at least a couple months) will they know more about the outlook, but the doctor is quite optimistic about his progress so far.

As for the Christmas stockings for Stockings for Soldiers:
99 made. Six more out of scraps. Six more out of even smaller scraps. Discovery of leftover Elvis scraps netted four more stockings.

115 total. Mom sewed up 10 for me, leaving me 105 to sew. Last year I did 80 (I think). I was hoping to double that number (that would make 160) but unless I find more Christmas fabric hiding somewhere or I make hubby go with me to the fabric store with me it won't happen.