Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 561

It took a phone call to give me some inspiration.

I've been hanging out with Christmas fabric for quite some time now. Sewing scraps, strips, and squares into bigger pieces. Cutting out lots and lots of stockings. I've kind of got lost in the repetition. I've been frantically working so my box of stockings can be one of the first that Stockings for Soldiers receive when they open their doors on October 1st. Except somehow I overlooked that they open October 15th instead.

I'm so thankful for those extra couple weeks. I've needed to get started back on some kids' quilts but my inspiration has been gone. But along came a phone call this afternoon that changed that. A call from someone who shares an enjoyment of quilting. Just the conversation got me thinking, and more importantly, got me moving.

At least I've now chosen the fabric for the next batch. Baby steps.