Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 570

I set out to make today a sewing day and I did it.

Luckily I had some motivation after I visited a quilter today, and it was another quilter who took me over there to visit. Having never seen another quilter's space it was quite the exciting morning for me. I got to see all her beautiful work - beautiful fabrics, beautiful stitching, beautiful patterns - and ask lots of questions of both of them. It made me think about maybe making a quilt (or two) for myself.

But not today. I picked out the fabric on Day 561 for those Alaska kids' quilts and they've just been waiting for me. So today between the trip to the quilter's house, a variety of phone calls, a coughing attack that lasted hours, a little bit of NASCAR TV watching, an even little bittier nap, and a power outage, I managed to get two tops together.

I may still add some borders, but otherwise I'll be ready to sandwich them together and get them headed out the door. (Faces have been blurred for obvious reasons.)