Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 558

A huge gotta-get-it-done kind of day where hubby tagged along. While there were so many good things that happened today - the relief of getting some of the medical bills paid, the finally feeling of getting a couple small checks deposited that had been sitting on the desk since mid-July. Having a daughter want to hang out with her parents as they ran errands. Having my mom be able to use up some of our surplus tomatoes and seeing some stockings she sewed for me for Stockings for Soldiers. Another finally feeling with a clothing return at the store, checking an eye doctor appointment off my list, a trip to the craft store, and a daughter who put the donation bag in her car to save us a stop and bagged our groceries for us at the grocery store.

But I think hubby had one and only one thing that stood out in his mind. The Ram. On Day 528 when he was in the hospital he had suggested I go to the Ram for my meal of the day. It was delicious then, so today I let him cheat on his diet and took him to the Ram. Bourbon Black Jack burger with a side of coleslaw (no fries allowed on his diet, but I did allow him three.) Heaven for him! My patty melt was heaven too, as were the ice cream cupcakes that the four of us shared. Both the strawberry and peanut butter were equally delicious in their own way.
Mom's stockings