Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 310 of 365

I'm not a breakfast person, but my husband is. I'm just fine and dandy if I have a bowl of Chex, Rice Krispies, Special K, or Cheerios. Occasionally I might go for a breakfast burrito or a muffin. For him, cereal is more like something you have if you're still hungry after dinner. Big breakfasts are his thing. Biscuits and gravy. French toast. Omelets. Some kind of egg dish with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in (including some hash browns), then smothered with gravy would probably be his number one choice. But with his higher cholesterol he's been sticking to oatmeal, berries, and walnuts in the mornings.

Once in a while, the idea of breakfast for dinner strikes his fancy. For some reason, I can tolerate breakfast-type meals better in the evening than I can in the morning.

Tonight's end-of-the week breakfast-for-dinner meal was omelets and hash browns. Onions, peppers, and those Little Smokies sausages. Not the best for the calorie watching, but I was more careful today and had some calories to spare.