Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 313 of 365

I have to fess up. I started a new project even though my unfinished project basket is still overflowing.

The first Saturday of every February our community has a "Disaster Auction". They help families cover costs associated with hospital or large medical bills, funerals, or fire damage to their homes. In 1961 they raised $6,000 and last year the auction raised over $95,000.

For years I've said I would make a quilt for the auction and for years I haven't followed through. With all my donation/charity work this year I decided this absolutely would be the year I'd make one. But then I looked at some of the pictures of the previous years' quilts and I chickened out. Chickened out because I didn't think my work was impressive enough to join the quilts auctioned off. Chickened out because I didn't want my quilt to be the one fetching the least amount of money.

My husband wasn't happy with me backing out again and expressed his disapproval. I was willing to live with that disapproval, but then I saw a pattern that changed my mind. After I redid my cardboard magazine holders on Day 311, I went through all the magazines. Looked at every page of every magazine and came across a quilt that tickled my fancy.

I'm still working on getting the right colors together, but at least it's a start.