Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 314 of 365

Grocery sacks.

I remember when everything was paper. Then it was a choice of paper or plastic. Then it became all plastic. Now there are communities banning plastic bags. But I still use those plastic bags.

On Day 20 I got this bright idea to stop with the plastic bags. I cut up and sewed some old t-shirts to make reusable grocery sacks. Those t-shirt bags didn't last long. Actually, they did last a long time. They sat - unused - in a chair in the den month after month after month. Finally I put them in the donation box and sent them on their way. I guess those plastic sacks aren't going away for us.

So I made a plastic grocery sack holder. My  husband took the wine bottle one for out in the garage (he asked permission first) and now my daughter has requested one in blue for her new apartment. (I'll be snapping some fabric pictures on my cell phone and sending them her way for her approval.)

Today's tutorial features a bright looking-forward-to-spring one.

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