Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 17 - A Leaky Faucet = A Messy Sewing Room

Well, what a topsy-turvy day it was. Or a mixed up room it has become. Or maybe it’s just a doggone mess I have on my hands. All thanks to the dang shower faucet.

This one...
The hot water side has leaked almost continuously for the past couple years. I’ve replaced it a couple times, had periods where I kept a screw driver in the shower so I could easily pop off the cap and tighten it (see the rust?) and even had a plumber come out to try and fix it. But he couldn’t get it. 

He did have a recommendation, though. A big expensive, $1,600+ recommendation. Thankfully today we were able to work around the high price tag, but not around the hard work. The day started with my sewing room being torn apart so he could access the shower - from the wall of my sewing room.
Since he was already tearing things apart in there to contain the leak we decided to upgrade to a single faucet handle. Pretty, isn’t it?
What’s not so pretty? The mess I have to clean up and the work I still have to do to make the wall look somewhat normal.
Oh yeah, and then I still have to put everything in the sewing room back in the right place.

What. A. Mess.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 16 - Back and Forth Sewing

It was a back and forth day of sewing. My mom and I did some back and forth texting about sewing, that is. Measurements, suggestions, and photos went both ways as we worked our way through our sewing project.

(Although I didn't send my messy photo. Probably shouldn't even show the mess I got myself into.)
What were we making? Face masks for ourselves for those times when we have to go out in public.

My mom used cotton fabric on the front and an old sheet as the lining.

I used the same fabric for both the front and the lining. My red and white floral one with the red binding doesn't fit as well so I'll give myself an F on that one.
I think I'll make a couple more of the good ones. If so, I'll turn one of them into an upcoming Tutorial Tuesday.

Stay safe out there. Wash your hands and keep those hands away your face. And wear a mask if you think you need to. Just don’t take them away from medical personnel and those who truly need them.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day 15 - Do It Until You Can't Get It Wrong

A while back I heard a quote I really liked. I'm familiar with the practice makes perfect and practice makes permanent. This new quote made even more sense to me.

Do it until you get it right. Then do it until you can't get it wrong.

I searched everywhere today to find out who said it. I found several variations, but not the exact quote. (I'm thinking it was on an Oprah podcast but can't be sure.)

I wish I was getting close to living the quote when it comes to making throw pillow slipcovers for my daughter. I still have to measure and remeasure. Sketch and resketch a pattern. Turn the paper over and try again. Cut out paper patterns and arrange. And rearrange. And rearrange again. Sew seams and rip out seams. After the couple dozen slipcovers I've made her in the past year I should at least be able to get one of them right the first time through.

It still takes me most of the day to finally get two pillows done. Glad I have the time (and patience) to make pretty things for her house. I'm also glad I have a daughter who appreciates the work I'm doing.

Up next on the sewing machine is a project I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd have to make. But after seeing the doctor this week, it's one he thinks I should be wearing when leaving the house. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day 14 - The Longest Month Ever

March started out great. I taught my Cruising with Confidence class to a full house, only needing to spend a few minutes talking about Coronavirus. During those first few days of the month it was a distant issue on a distant ship in a distant country.

My, how things have changed.

I don't know about you, but March was by far the longest month of my life. The speed at which our lives were upended - and continue to be upended - is mind boggling. Exhausting, too. I'm afraid April won't be much better, but I am so very glad March is done.

I was expecting to end the month by finally getting myself to the doctor's office. I've been putting it off way too long, worried about being in a place with a bunch of sick people. With my primary doctor sharing space with the urgent care clinic my fear was warranted. They've just started sending patients with respiratory symptoms to another clinic so with March wrapping up I had to get in. As you can imagine, just like my grocery shopping last week, going to see the doctor was a surreal experience. Thankfully I came away with 10 more days of antibiotics.

As I was driving home from picking up my prescription I had a little talk with myself. I told myself I needed to really look around me. With traffic very minimal (at rush hour, no less), I could spend more time paying attention to the world around me and not the road. I paid attention to all the trees in bloom. To the spring flowers beginning to bloom in yards. I studied the dark clouds moving in.

Once home, after dinner and after dinner dishes were washed, I put my feet up in the recliner and we settled in for more episodes of The Waltons. I finally could relax, knowing March was about over and April would bring a fresh start. And that's when it hit.

The earthquake.

The 6.5 one, with an epicenter northeast of Boise.

As we each braced ourselves under the nearest doorways my only thought was we had picked the wrong doorways. I was on one half of the double wide and Ed was in a doorway on the other half. If our manufactured home slipped off the blocks he would go one one and I the other.

Thankfully the home stayed put.
Thankfully only a clock and picture fell.
Thankfully it was a rolling, not a shaking, earthquake. A movement like being on a cruise ship.
Thankfully our daughter was safe and her gas lines were intact.
Thankfully so far all the multiple aftershocks haven't required doorway protection.
Thankfully March is over.

I am working hard at going into April with a clear and calm mind, body, and soul. Let's start it with the colors of my world from yesterday. Yep, even the dark clouds. Because today is a new day and the sun is shining.

Let's keep it that way.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Make a Denim Heart Potholder - Tutorial Tuesday

Make Your Own Homemade Denim Heart Potholder in Minutes

For today's Tutorial Tuesday I'm up with another heart sewing project with recycled denim. We all need a little love right now so let's coordinate it with the heart coasters we made a while back.
Homemade Heart Denim Potholder Sewing Project

For this project you will need:
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