Sunday, July 7, 2024

July 7: Skagway, Alaska

 Welcome to Skagway!

Today we were docked at the Broadway dock, a prime location for easily getting into town. Except…

I received this notification. Sorry scooter people, you can’t come and go as you please yet.

I showed up at the 10:30 AM time ready to head off the ship only to be told the gangway wouldn’t be in place until 11:00 instead. Well, the heck with that. I walked myself down the steep steps while the wheelchair and assist guys carried my scooter on down those same steep steps. And off I went.

Today’s plan was a compare/contrast day. First, compare and contrast the slide area. Guests on ships docked at the forward dock have to take a tender (water shuttle) to get to shore. No ships in today though. And no visible progress on the slide.
Last year
These past two years when I’ve been here post-Covid, the town has been depressing. So many store fronts closed, shops we used to visit for sale, for rent, for lease. Looks like the town is back now. My favorite place for a patty, the Sweet Tooth CafĂ©, unfortunately is now a Diamonds International.
The best Thai food in Alaska at the Star Fire is now a different type of establishment.
Scooter at Starfire pre-Covid
The times they are a changing’
How is the huge rhubarb looking?
Ed’s hand in the Skagway rhubarb, July 2013
My hand in Skagway’s rhubarb today
Food and drink at the Skagway brewing company? Today’s cup of chili with focaccia bread certainly did not disappoint.
Something new and cool at the hardware store - a display of ducks passengers have dropped off. Cool. (At least I think it was the hardware store. Didn’t look at the sign but I think that’s where the hardware store used to be/still is.)
Quack quack 
We will be heading up the channel for a beautiful sail away tonight as we work our way to Glacier Bay tomorrow. See you then.