Tuesday, July 2, 2024

July 2: Vancouver, Canada

It’s travel day and the party started with a vodka and cranberry on the plane. Note the 7:22 AM time stamp. It’s 5:00 somewhere when you’re on vacation, right?

Hello, vacation!
After an uneventful flight on my way to Seattle
Hello, Mount Rainer!
and then another uneventful one to Vancouver, I ran into my first glitch right after immigration when I went to pick up my luggage from the carousel. 

Well, well. Guess whose luggage didn’t make it onto the second flight? Thankfully they were able to locate it in Seattle and put it on another flight coming in later in the day. But until then I was thinking this might be a repeat of our cruise to Hawaii when our luggage was never returned. Thirty minute Ross shopping spree the morning before boarding a cruise ship? That was us several years ago. Or our trip to Iceland one November where we went a cold 24hrs or so without winter clothes. 

Luggage-less, off to the hotel I went. With the room not ready for some time, I perused the waterfront around the hotel like I usually do. But with just a short sleeve shirt on - and my sweatshirts hiding out in Seattle - I didn’t last long.
Hello, digital Orca!
(I thought it was made of Legos but it wasn’t.)
So I headed across the street for some warmer indoor time at the Waterfront Centre food court. That place is so hard to find when you’re rolling on wheels and not walking! Able-bodied folks have lots of entrances they can use, but if you need an elevator it can only be accessed by entering an office building around the corner. 

A simple hamburger and small fries hit the spot. I also checked out the Rexall Drugstore to see what they had, just in case I needed to go pick up toiletries if the luggage didn’t arrive. Note to self: They were well stocked with everything.
Hello, late breakfast/early lunch!
As the sun started to break through a bit more, I went back out and did some people watching. 
Hello, cruise ships in port!
It wasn’t much longer when I got a text that my room was ready. 
Hello, Pan Pacific!
Hello view from my room!
With the heat turned up I used a bathrobe as a jacket (they’re really soft ones here) and took a little nap. A phone call woke me up telling me my luggage was at the Vancouver airport and would be dispatched to a delivery company. Hooray! 

But then another little glitch occurred when trying to charge my phone. Cable’s dead? Yup. So back I wheeled over to Rexall where they saved the day. While I’m not glad it happened, I’m glad it made me get out of the room. Waiting for luggage to arrive is no fun. Out and about also gave me a chance to see the Ruby Princess head out. 
Hello Ruby Princess, it’s been a while!
Gave me a chance to get some dinner while enjoying the now-blue skies. 
Hello Happy Hour!
Oh, and hello digital Orca peeking out.
Hello spicy Gyoza!
It’s evening now and the luggage still hasn’t arrived but I’m patiently waiting to say, “Hello, luggage!” so my day can be complete. 

Up tomorrow…embarkation day.