Friday, July 5, 2024

July 5: Ketchikan, Alaska

Today was an early morning in Ketchikan with a 6 AM arrival. By 7:30 the International CafĂ© was cleared. You’d never see it this empty on a sea day.

No Ed, that’s not coffee I’m drinking.
It’s just hot chocolate.

Even though I had no excursions and nowhere to be and not really any plans for the day (This is my 27th visit here. Seriously, I looked it up!) I knew I had to get off early because we had other ships coming in. Ketchikan is no fun with throngs of people cramming the sidewalks so I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

We were docked at pier 2 today, which is a prime location. 

We were plopped right in front of the Ketchikan sign and right by The Rock statue. 
Having no particular plans, I just explored the area on Scooter. We found fruits and flowers.
Unique things made from wood like totem poles and benches. 
We found creeks. And Creek Street. 
Too early in the season for the salmon run
A bear, wolf, and a dog (sign).
We found ships, boats, and float planes. 
Hey, that’s us!
Holland America coming in
Royal Caribbean on its way in
Here comes Celebrity
Aleutian Ballad crab boat tour
Time for takeoff 
Can’t get weather much better than this.
I ended my time ashore by grabbing a bench on the dock in the warm sunshine, munching on some popcorn from the kettle corn shop, and watching the Holland America ship getting ready for the day.
Yay, no sweatshirt needed.
Up tonight, Sabatini’s for dinner. And up tomorrow, Juneau, Alaska!