Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Deb's 2024 Solo Summer Alaskan Adventure

It's time for a new adventure and this time it's going to be in Alaska. Let's take a look at what we have:

*Flights from Boise to Seattle to Vancouver, Canada.
*One night in very nice Vancouver hotel.
*Seven nights on the Grand Princess.
*One bus ride from Whittier, Alaska to the Anchorage airport to take a flight to Fairbanks.
*One night in a Fairbanks hotel, one night in a Denali hotel, and one night in another Denali hotel.
*One train ride from Talkeetna, Alaska back to Whittier, Alaska.
*Seven nights on the Sapphire Princess.
*Flights from Vancouver to Seattle to Boise.

I'm so ready for whirlwind of a birthday trip all by myself. And the party starts....NOW!

Click the links below to follow along with me on my Solo Summer Alaskan Adventure: