Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Living in Two Seasons Instead of Four

We used to have two seasons in this house, Christmas and not Christmas. I realized this morning when my mind was spinning at about 4 AM those seasons have changed. We now have sprinkler season and non-sprinkler season. 

Sprinkler season means we stay home, garden, and tend to the lawn (and the weeds). Non-sprinkler season means it's time to bring out the suitcases, the passports, and get ready to head out for a long cruising adventure. Get those sprinklers blown out and we are outta here! Even though the sprinklers did their part yesterday, we won't be doing ours. Because of the health of us, the country, and the world we'll have to wait a bit longer. Thanks to Princess Cruises' easy-to-initiate COVID cancellation policy we have a nice chunk of money just waiting for us when we're healthy and strong enough to use it. (During non-sprinkler season, of course.)

So on this cold and cloudy forty degree day instead of dreaming of snorkeling I guess I'll be moving into the non-sprinkler season Christmas season. 

Christmas projects, here I come.
Soon-to-be snowman and Santa mug rugs.