Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Second Home So Far Away

As I mentioned the other day, when we get our sprinklers blown out we know it’s time to go on a cruise. But for the second year in a row here we are, still sitting at home. I shouldn’t be so mopey about it but I am. With 88 cruises under our belt and over 600 days at sea, the ship has been our second home and the crew our family. And we miss it. And them.

So the other day on our cold and cloudy day I tried to keep myself busy - and my mind occupied - by working on Christmas projects. Even played some Christmas music. But in my mind it was just too early so I had to switch to something else.

Fall projects. Unfortunately, even fall sewing hasn’t gotten me out of the missing-my-second-home funk.
Appliqué didn’t cure my ills.

Time to try something else.