Friday, October 22, 2021

A Little Cabin in the Woods

 So here was my thinking on how best to clear my head and brighten my attitude…

  • Get out of town and hunker down in a cabin in the mountains.
  • Work, work, work and sleep, sleep, sleep.
  • Keep uber safe by bringing my own of everything - food, dishes, towels, and pillow. And lots and lots of Lysol spray and Clorox wipes.
  • Stay away from everyone at all times - see no one and speak to no one.
As with all plans, pieces didn’t come together perfectly…
  • Mountains? Mountain tourist town will have to do.
  • Work, work, work? Frustratingly yes. With sucky wifi it took twice as long 10 times as long to do anything.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep? From hours upon hours a day sitting in a hard wooden chair huddled over the computer my back and hips said no way.
  • Keep uber safe? Yep. 
  • Stay totally away from people? Yep. Only left to drop Etsy orders at the post office which required no human interaction. 
Welcome to my little cabin in the woods in the tourist town in the mountains.

Unfortunately, the week is already over and it’s time to go back home…with a mind just as cloudy as the skies.