Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tutorial Tuesday - Flower Button Magnets

"When buttons came in, about 1650, people couldn't get enough of them and arrayed them in decorative profusion on the backs and collars and sleeves of coats, where they didn't actually do anything. ”
― Bill Bryson

And this week's project doesn't have buttons doing much of anything either. Except maybe holding up papers on the refrigerator. Buttons + scrap fabric + magnet + hot glue = super quick and easy spring project.

In addition to the standard crafting supplies, for each flower magnet you will need:
  • Several buttons of the same size (I used five but if your buttons are smaller you could use more.)
  • Fabric scrap
  • Small scrap of felt 
  • Small piece of cardstock
  • 1 1/8” size Button Cover Kit (contains a pusher, mold, button shell, and back)
  • Magnet 
  • Glue gun or fabric glue
  • Pliers