Friday, April 27, 2018

The Friday 15 - The New Books are Here!

An exciting Friday 15 today! Well, at least for two of the 15.


Done and published. (Ebook published, that is.) So exciting! I decided to split the one book into two which actually works out better for the readers (and crafters) because now I can price them at only 99 cents each!

If you do pick one up and try out the crafts, let me know how it goes. It's my first attempt at writing directions for projects so I'd love your feedback and suggestions. And if you like the books and have some time, please leave a kind review on Amazon HERE

Now for the boring other Friday 15 items...the other 13 came from cleaning out kitchen cabinets this morning. Plastic knives and straws and napkins and cutlery and a leftover Christmas bucket and a little random container.