Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 859

Everyone should go to Glacier Bay National Park at some point during their lifetime. There isn't anything as awe inspiring as seeing glaciers.

Unless you're talking about listening to a glacier pop and crack as it moves. And nothing as exciting as seeing it calve and drop into the ocean.

Except seeing humpback whales in their natural habitat. We ran into several pods as we left Glacier Bay today. Even more thrilling was to finally capture whales breaching. In all the trips we've made to Alaska I've never quite seen anything like these guys. Yeah, I kind of took a lot of pictures of them.

This last picture shows the part of just one of the pods of whales plus the remnants of a breach. They leave quite a splash for sure.

(If you think an Alaska cruise is out of your reach, it isn’t. We wouldn’t be doing this for the umpteenth time if it weren’t quite the bargain. Seven days, food included. $299 a person plus taxes. Go on vacation somewhere for a week or go on a cruise? It’s an obvious – you might even say financially sensible -choice for us. The trick is the timing. We book our cruise late, within a few weeks of the sail date, when they are trying to fill the ship and prices are rock bottom.)