Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 858

The picture I took of the ship today in Skagway should technically have Scooter in front of it. She got me all through another Alaskan town, from one end to another, in search of goodies. That good Thai food at Starfire, quilt fabric at the Quilt Alaska store, chocolate covered gummy bears from the fudge shop, and a new t-shirt at the Alaska Shirt Company. But one of my knees isn't doing so hot so it would have been a bit too hard to get off the scooter and walk some distance to get a really good picture.

Instead it’s just a picture of our ship docked in Skagway, taken while I was sitting on Scooter. But you do get to see some of the charms I've been picking up along the way that now decorate her handlebars.