Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 856

I wanted to start today’s blog with, The boy did good! But hubby insisted I say, Hubby did good!

Yep, he did. He made it to his salmon fishing trip. A man with cerebral palsy who can only use one hand, a man who, this time last year, was in kidney failure. A man who had been looking forward to this once in a lifetime adventure, an adventure that took confidence and bravery on his part.

Four salmon.
One was lost before being reeled in all the way.
One was a baby king salmon and had to be thrown back.
One was a silver salmon. A keeper.
One was a pink salmon. A keeper.
A hubby who had the biggest grin on his face all day. A keeper.

Today was his day and he took plenty of pictures to prove it. Lures, reels, rods, captain’s chair. A rock fish that was caught, tossed back into the water only to be snatched up quickly by a bald eagle. And of course, his salmon.