Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 861

Today is the end of the seven day cruise. It started in Vancouver, BC and ends here in Whittier, Alaska. With flights for us from Anchorage (the nearest airport) to Boise running over $500 we opted not to get off the ship. $299 each for a week on a cruise ship or a $547 each for a flight home.  We've chosen to stay on the cruise ship for the ride back.

We didn't even get off in Whittier. It’s such a small town – less than 300 people – that wasn't even an official incorporated town until 1969.
Most all cruise ship passengers get off the ship and take a bus/train to Anchorage to catch a flight out, never stopping in Whittier for anything. Anything except having to wait on their buses for the tunnel to open. That tunnel is only one way and traffics has to take turns using it. (It’s the same tunnel I drove in last year to deliver quilts. You can read what that was all about and see that tunnel pic here.) But I also took a picture of it today (from the cruise ship this time) as a reminder of what I did last year.

Even the trains were waiting their turn. I don’t know where these trucks were headed, but someone has some work planned somewhere. As for us, no work scheduled for at least the next seven days.