Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 725

I have to figure out a better system of taking pictures in Boise. Yesterday's picture of the clothesline was taken in the usual way - with my digital camera - but I didn't have a cable with me to upload the pictures to the computer. Instead I used my phone to take a picture of the picture screen, then used that photo.

Now we're back in Marsing and I have my pictures uploaded from the camera. Good for me, probably not so good for hubby. When I came back inside from taking pictures yesterday I was quite pleased with the interesting photos I took. But when I told hubby what they were - ice on the headlight and ice on the front bushes, snow on the grass and the clothesline - he gave me the impression that they were quite boring.

I think not. I still think they are interesting.

The clothesline - this time not the phone's picture of the picture:

Snow on the grass:

Ice that had formed on the car's headlight:

Ice on the front shrub:

Inside the car, looking up at the sunroof.
Yep, interesting is the word.