Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 708

As of this moment, the magic number is 1,671 2,065 2,230.

What's the importance of that number? It is the number of times a book has been downloaded free in the last two days on Amazon. What book?  My book! Even more exciting - at this very moment the book is #2 in the Special Occasion Cooking category in the Amazon Kindle store!! Also #2 in Holidays and #2 in Desserts in the Kindle store.

And of all the thousands and thousands of free Kindle books on Amazon, my book is now #183!!
Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with the numbers right now.

We're also still obsessed with Alejandra's.

Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup). They have the most delicious flavored broths in their soups.

Bean and Cheese Burrito. Can you believe this platter-size burrito only cost $3.50?

Ground Beef Burrito.

And Pam G, guess what? Ed and I are inviting you next week to partake in eating through the menu with us! You pick the day.