Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 703

I got my ego bruised today.

We sat there in those metal folding chairs when the Marsing Disaster Auction started at 10:13 AM, waiting patiently for my quilt to show up. All day long quilts came and went for large amounts of money and it was just torture when mine didn't appear until the end. One of the very last items to auction off, at a time when most people had either left for the day, were tired, or were out of money. At a time when the auctioneers were trying to get things wrapped up for the day.

That's when the ego bruising happened.

The quilt I made this year for the auction, the one bigger and more colorful than my offering last year didn't go for much. 80 measly dollars. Ouch. In my head I knew it was no reflection on me or my quilting skills. But in my heart? Again, ouch.

After a bit of a nap when we got home, all is okay. The community got $80 that it wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Goodbye, sweet quilt. I'm sorry I didn't buy you back myself.