Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 481

The thought of getting these quilts to Alaska is what is keeping me moving forward. Although today I felt like I was stuck in the Twilight Zone.

Part of the problem is that I had this math class starting this morning and I SO didn't want to go. To keep my teaching certificate current I have to take this class. I've put it off for a couple years and can't wait much longer. So today it started.

An entire day - an entire week - of 30+ people crammed into a 5th grade classroom with 5th grade tables and 5th grade sized plastic chairs. By the time my eight hours was up today my back was done for. (Not to mention we spent an hour and a half working through one math problem. One problem, 90 minutes. Talk about brains being scrambled.)

And those work phone calls I was crossing my fingers and hoping I wouldn't get now that I'm done for the summer? I've had two so far.

No escaping anyone or anything. I'm so thankful I can sew!