Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 471

Hubby has been wanting to go to Jackpot since he got out of school last month and I keep putting him off. I've been too busy with work, have no interest in gambling, have too much sewing to get caught up on, and don't really want to be away from home right now.

But I caved. I figured I could spend my time at the pool and swim, swim, swim and take my laptop and school bag and work, work, work. I even tried to find a way to take my sewing machine but with the big bulky juicer in our suitcase something had to give.

So here I sit in Jackpot trying to find a good work/swim/stay-away-from-the-slot machines balance. (Unfortunately I wasn't so good at the slot machine avoidance.) I did get some work done and got some swimming in, though.

As I was sitting by the pool a stray cat appeared. It sat quietly hiding behind the chairs, ventured across the pool deck, and proceeded to drink from the pool.

Win It Wednesday winner...Kristen. Remember, it's a quilt top only (no batting or backing) but if you're still interested in it let me know!