Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 464

First up...
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Second up...
Something happened today for the first time in more than 51 years. For the first time ever, actually.

If you remember, my husband has been going to physical therapy. Being he wants to go salmon fishing in Alaska next month and not make a fool of himself, he has been working hard in therapy on his right arm/hand/wrist/elbow/shoulder. Both he and I are shocked at what is happening to the side affected by cerebral palsy.

For his entire life, that side has been non-functioning. Looking at the arm now it's obvious he's building muscles. As unbelievable as is seems to both of us, thanks to the combination of strength building exercises and some athletic tape to support his wrist, he is gaining function in that hand and arm. Reeling in his own salmon is closer to reality than he ever thought possible.

And something else he never thought possible? That for the first time in his entire life he would open a door with his right hand. A heavy outside door, even. Amazing!