Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 294 of 365

I don't know if it's a mom thing or a Christmas thing or just a me thing, but I didn't budget my time wisely.

I didn't intend to be this far behind on the quilt I'm making for my daughter for Christmas. (Shh, don't tell her. She doesn't know about it.) I would have expected it to have been put together, quilted, and wrapped under the tree by now. And it should have been.

A couple months back, I had an idea of what December would look like. I'm only contracted for so many days at work which meant December would be a slow month with not much work. It turned out to be much, much busier than I expected. Long days, late nights.

I expected December would be a month of crafting, baking, and sewing. I have done crafting with the tutorials and have done several batches of Christmas cookies and breads. My sewing has turned out to be sewing either for the tutorials or the quilts for charity. While I have spent my time crafting, baking, and sewing it unfortunately has not been all that relaxing. It has been at a frantic pace as I either spend cram sessions on the weekends or late nights and early mornings to get it all done. (Who the heck decorates cookies at 5 in the morning? This person right here.)

December was going to be the month where I could relax and regroup. Get my thoughts in order, clear my head. Focus on my writing. Focus on my health.

It hasn't turned out that way. But now that Christmas break has started and Christmas Day is rapidly approaching  I must, must, must get my daughter's quilt done. I have some of the blocks finished, but there are some special blocks I need to work on before the whole thing can be put together.