Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 290 of 365

On TV they have been doing year-end wrap ups. Televisions shows and movies of the year, highest paid actors, biggest news stories. Just a few days ago even Barbara Walters did a year-end list with her Most Fascinating People of 2011.

Although the year isn't quite over, I'm doing a 2011 wrap up of sorts. I'm getting ready to close a chapter in the quilting-for-charity category - just until after the first of the year, that is.

In looking back at 2011, I've done more sewing this year than all the other years of my life combined. Here's a recap of the non-charity project days:
  • Days 1 and 195: Pincushions
  • Day 8: Fabric Memory Game
  • Day 14: Camera bag 
  • Day 20: T-shirt grocery bags
  • Day 29: Clothespin bag
  • Day 34: Potholders
  • Day 35: Makeup bag for my daughter
  • Days 38 and 188 : Breadbasket liners
  • Days 41 and 153: Fabric covered buttons and magnets
  • Day 167: Pocket tissue holder
  • Day 244: Gift card holder
  • Day 251: Fabric covered clipboard
  • Day 258: Drawstring bags
  • Christmas Tree ornaments on Days 272, 276, 279
  • Day 265 : Fabric covered bookmarks
  • Day 287: Fabric covered bulletin board

But here is the most important list of all. The list of items I've made for charity.

Today I can add two more quilts to the Operation Kid Comfort quilt list. Here on Day 290 another two quilts are finished and ready to head out the door. Being that a couple of my pictures (including today's) have more than one quilt in the picture, I think that makes 30+ kids quilts for charity this year.

Here's today's picture, but keep looking. I have all my charity work pictures for 2011 compiled together right below.

I always hear about how one person can make a difference. I hope I'm getting close to being one of those "ones".